Thank you for understanding.  I have kept that rant/observation under my hat for several months.  It just came spilling out.

I have the oldest here till a little later.  he had a good supper of a beef and potato casserole I made  and some veggies on the side and fruit for dessert.  The cat made it unpleasant for us all after 0530 this morning tho.  He leaves his door open a bit so she can get to her rocking chair and that little beastie meowed her head off from 0530 on.  Even though I got up with her at 0630, still, nothing sufficed.  NO idea what that was about but 4 hours of it was an all time record. Unfortunately she didn’t eat but a few mouthsful of her wet food.  We’ll see if that is going to be a trenfd agaon.  It’s been a week and a day since her last pill.

I called the youngest to see if he wanted to have lunch but he’s going to be with some friends.  Just took a chance and asked.

Gas is $3.00 a gallon now.  What greed.

I really want to say something about *E-g-y*p-t and Himself in D-C but I know better, so I won’t.  On that note…I’ll log off.  The cat is back on Twitter as AdmiralHestorb. (one word)