A friend, a woman, and I had supper together this evening.  Just an impulse as she was passing through my town on her way back to her own home, and I said yes, I would love to meet her for a meal.  We thoroughly enjoyed the time together.  She was at the Red Neck Room yesterday with the entire phalanx of us, colleagues of mine working and retired.  We meet once a month and we are so noisy as others know from my blogs on Spaces and Blogger..we are put by ourselves.  A blogger friend of mine J. in Georgia said one day he’d go ahead and get the Red Neck Rm. ready and that has stuck in my mind since..I love it.  He has no idea how that has provided many of us with enjoyment.

Anyhoo..Seth, a friend here in WP mentioned losing a valued friendship in his blog just recently.  I know that pain.  I lost one of 24 years.  However after a 2 year hiatus,  we have come together again in friendship.  That was the person with whom I dined tonight.  It is good to be back in one another’s’ lives.  That often does not happen however. Especially when it is an angry split as we had.  But.in the past.

So, what’s up with you guys?