Will I have a Valentine this year?  Last year I had a huge bouquet of roses, a beautiful card and a great dinner with good evening afterward.  But no word so far this year.  If I’m a wall flower that’s OK.  I will be a pretty one.  🙂 And the other wee wall flower who lives here with me will keep me company.  We will probably Tweet as she has a Twitter account.  I do too, but more people  Twitter with her than with me..what’s not to understand about THAT, is what I say.  🙂  Her’s a bewteeful girl!

She’s in her rocking chair and me, I need to knock around in the kitchen and find something to cook for the evening meal(s).  Hers is easy though.  Pop the right can top with the right flavor of Fancy Feast or Royal Canin.

See you soon as I make my rounds.