I have been giving some thought as to whether to continue over here or not.

I have my regular blog in Blogspot.  SHE has HER blog on Blogspot that I must help her with.  SHE has TWO Twitter accounts, I have one.  Already getting to be hot and sweaty working with all o’ dem blogs and accounts, and then, there is Flickr which is almost a mini blog for me as I like to tell a story with my photos, however short it may be.  THEN there is here, WordPress. Spring and Summer are coming and when that happens I will have to reassess what I will do.

Of course SHE will maintain her blog and at least 1 Twitter account, and I will maintain my blog and one Twitter account.  Flickr is a given, but all of these are extreme time takers when you  go visit your friends as most of you know.  Make that a bunch of accounts..whoa nelly.

Anyhoo..just stopping by before I do my face.  I have my treadmilling and weights done, finished sweating so I can do my face now.  🙂  and it’s a great day.  I want to go out with the camera but mostly add to my pedometer.  🙂 and head to the woods.