Here I am.  I was about to cut off my nose to spite my face and quit here just leaving the archives,  am.

Didn’t go to church this morning.  Instead I prepared for this evening when I will be gone for a bit.  I went on and did my treadmilling and weights too while I was at it.  I also cleaned house and shampooed and have my hair styled.  All this and it’s already 1236.  I have scarcely stopped.

The cat is running around and enjoying playing so she’s still feeling great.  She’s eating enough and drinking enough though I wish she’d drink a bit more. It’s not bad enough to take her you-know-where.

Question:  If you ask a close relative many many times for years, to come and see you (6 hrs away) or offer to come see them..and your sons do the same..ask to visit and invite them to visit their homes..and they never do…is it time to get a clue?  past time?  This relative will call fairly frequently and there have never ever ever been cross words between terrible familial faux it time to just give up?