I sure do wish that when I click “remember me” here on WP, it would,.  Maybe for a few blogs and then, here we go again.  And I can hardly ever find where to log into my blog..I have to search thru bookmarks until I find my bookmarked  log in place.  It wasn’t like that on Spaces..you looked on the start-up page and there it was, plain as day, “LOG IN”.  But noooooo.  It’s probably here and I simply haven’t seen it yet.

I have finished the treadmill, cooling off..forgot my weights and I will log off here and get in there and do them.  Those who went to Flickr and saw my daffodil, thank you so much.  It got Explore which, as always, is an honor.

OK.  Off to do the weights.  Missy finally got out of bed so I could make it.  That’s what distracted me.  Sometimes I can’t make it till 11 or more in the morning.   Then, I’ll see you later.  ♥