I looked in the spam folder (after I had to go thru looking myself up again to get logged on since there STILL is no way to log on when I arrive here…and there was a comment from Great Granny.  Now that was stupid of them to have her marked as SPAM as she has been here countless times before.

Just had a brief power outage and enough to knock out the cable modem where they had to send a refresh to it.  At least it worked.

I can’t say enough how much I appreciate those of you who come here.  Seth?  I have a Blog Spot blog.  It’s my main blog, actually.  Do you as well? Have a Blogger blog?

We had the edge of a tornado.  Just a watch here, no warning and so on, but man, straight line winds, black as pitch at 1200 noon.  Ran sideways…that was early for that sort of weather.

Checking in for a moment..have to get off so I can do my backups.  Sigh.