Just as Michiko, my Sis said–it’s kind of depressing here at WP.  I am grateful to have a reference point for my blogs from 2005, but, I may as well get used to the always there fact; this is storage mainly.  I suppose the blog family is used to Blog Spot since that’s where we all went pretty much.  Pen has a good home here as does Seth but those in the “circle” that we became used to on Spaces pretty much use Blogger, as do I.

I’m not going away per se..just sayin’. 🙂

Good Sunday morning to you.  I am really more sore today than Friday when I decided to take on the curb in down town Knoxville and lost. But regardless of my knees, I will get up on the treadmill for a while today hopefully work put some of the soreness.

Want to see the one picture I did get before I had to come back home?  It’s an old dilapidated cupola on a building not too far from a Civil War battle site.  BUT it did not see the Battle. I thought it was interesting though.