Hi.  Seems I haven’t been here but then, I’m not much at the other blogs either including the cat’s blog because she is sick. Her fasting blood test results will be back from the University of Michigan Monday maybe and we may have a clue why she is not eating except when artificially stimulated via a pill.

I was trying to go see the son over the mountains but I can’t go with her this way so I have to opt out again.  Been half a year since I got to go.  When you take on a pet, you also take on the responsibility for their lives.  They aren’t just for your convenience and I am doing the best I can to be a good steward.

I have a new iMac and still not sure how to do much with it.  I have an on-line tutorial but the calling and meowing distract me so much I gave up temporarily,  There is a time limit on the lessons so regardless I have to get thru them.

Not a pleasant blog I know.  Going to get my face on and head out to the store.