It has been a horrible bad bad horrible yucky month insofar as the cat’s health news is concerned.  However, bad as the news was two evenings ago when her Dr. called me, the diagnosis was revised to take out the frightening word!  Now, it is likely “just” idiopathic hypercalcimia.  Bad enough but it sure beats that OTHER diagnosis.  But he feels 90% certain her problem is what I wrote out up there..don’t want to write all of that again.  🙂

Now.  How to get her daily med into her.’s not easy when you are alone and you have a sweetie who turns into a wild cat when you try to medicate her with pills.  AND hides for days (defeating the daily med rule right off the bat!) after the attempt.

It’s liquid and she said “no”..she can tell it’s there and wouldn’t even taste it.  I will of course, keep trying.

So, one load off my shoulders that that most hideous of diagnosis was taken away but the daily fight will be there to get the stuff down her.