Pen, Sis, Pat, Penelope, Beth, Granny, thank you SO much for wading through all that.  It’s my way of letting off some steam because Missy here, the Admiral aka Miss Catt has been a PILL about her liquid steroids.  She would not taste them and turned up that short velvet nose.  So she is still not medicated with the steroids.  Back to square one.

AND she is REALLY pulling out the stops punishing me  for taking her to the Vet yesterday.  Nothing bad happened to her, but she never considers that.  After a few bites to eat she fled under the bed till 1130.  Then, when a new chair came and they put it in the living room, she came out…saw it and because she had the surprise of the new carrier yesterday she decided that anything else in the living room was also going to take her to the vet so she fled and stayed under the food, no drink till night fall.

It IS and has been getting old, all this drama but there is nothing I can do about it.  It’s her fear.  And as I said, I won’t stop being a responsible pet owner simply because it isn’t convenient.  But here I sit, instead of going over the mountains to see my son.  Haven’t been there in going on 7 months.  Oh well.

OK.  I promise I am done venting.  Well, for now.

Love you all bunches; thanks for putting up with me.