Hello and Hi.  It’s Sunday evening and another week is about to start.  The heat has been running for several days as it is cold (of course) and raining or overcast..frequently both.

Today was no different but I did my usual routine and got the house cleaned up after following my Twin all over Peoria, blowing the horn and making faces!  That’ll teach her to go 28 mph.  What do those Troopers know!?

I mentioned a book I am reading.  I am about three quarters though it now.  OH!  I ought to take a pic of my new platform rocker or whatever they are called.  Padded thickly everywhere including the arms..just a joy to sit in.  Until I do some changing around of furniture it can’t be in the living room which is a disappointment.  However, better to have it now than go back (as I did with a desk once several years ago) and find that was IT!  No more and that one was sold.  So, I bought it.

Going to go to Twitter now..see you in a bit.