Well, not sure how things will go with you-know-who.  her favorite of my sons is here and she’s getting plenty of kisses as we speak finally.  She ate a bite and sacked out in my office chair and after 2 hrs. she finally came out for her kisses and petting from him.

Have a feeling..not sure yet that our good times of eating and playing may be winding down.  The weekend will tell me.

Been doing some furniture moving.  My back is acutely aware of that even though the electrician here installing a dedicated circuit for the treadmill since I wanted to move it, helped move the treadmill.

Oldest IS here.  We had smoked pork chops for supper and cheese pasta with broccoli.  Bacon and eggs in the morning. Biscuits too.  All as usual. 🙂

See you in a bit.♥