I’m back.  I keep seeing this WP blog in the fan array of blogs my iMac shows mw when I go to Safari..it displays along with 10 others I am always going to.  Thought I would say howdy.

It is a rather too warm day, in the high 80’s just as it was yesterday and so I am afraid I finally turned on the a/c late in the evening yesterday.  Turned it off for the night but back on today after church so that I could clean w/o sweating so much.

I spent 2/3’s of my income tax refund on a new dining table w/ just 4 chairs.  That is sufficient these days.  I gave the old one to Ecumenical House so that it could be given to families that have had disasters as in a fire, flood etc. I hope the new table does indeed get here tomorrow as promised by the boy bringing it and assembling it and the chairs.  I got it on sale and it’s in 2 boxes.  Cherry wood and 4 marble inlays. The cat is mad because I “moved her cheese” and nothing is right in the room any longer.  The table is gone..and curses..when it’s back, it will be, to her, the wrong one.   There is a new chair in there now and the treadmill is gone to the computer room now (I didn’t think I would but I like it in here). I am on her hit list for some time till she gets used to the new things.  THEN I will mess her over as when I get the new cable receptacle on the opposite wall from where it presently is, the TV will go to the opposite wall, the couch will go where the TV presently is..oh woe!  The china cabinet will go away from where it presently is.  I may as well move out.  She’ll never sleep with me again she’s so hacked off right now.

Cat’s do NOT like change.