I thought I would tell you with cautious optimism that Miss Catt aka The Admiral may be doing a lot better.  Four days ago, she started her steroid medications via a gel pen delivery.  I must dispense 0.1 ml onto my protected with latex finger tip and apply to the inside of her ear.  I have one ear strictly for her –hyper thyroid medicine gel pen administered and the other ear strictly for the steroid treatment for her hyper calcimia.  At ast she is being treated after several months delay.  I finally took a page from the very pharmacy that compounds her one (at the time) medicine and showed the Vet Office that they DO make it in a gel.  He had said that it would not absorb well.  I say that ANY med is better than the NO med she was getting.

He had caused a flavored liquid to put in her food.  She refused to eat at all..and for a cat who lost 2 pounds and a few ounces in  6 weeks..that is NOT good.  So, I insisted and she is getting treatment at last.  How much remains to be seen when the next blood test happens.  I’m trying to give her a break from Vet visits if I can.  She has been hauled off very unhappy at least once a week for her appetite enhancing pills.

I didn’t know until I read the symptoms of hyper calcimia that they noted there is anorexia.  She sure demonstrated THat.  She would NOT eat.  It was scary.

Let’s see how this goes.  So far, so good.