It has been a good week insofar as the lady of the house with four feet is concerned.  She and I had about given up quite frankly although we were not up for saying that in the blogs.

I took her to the Vet just over a week ago to find she had lost even more weight and of course, she was not eating. She had once been 11.3 pounds and was then, 7.2.  As a last resort I asked for the steroid pills as the gel pen did not good at all, and some “Greenies” pill wraps.  They worked and the cat has had her desperately needed steroid pills each day.  And, she eats three cans of Fancy Feast each day on her own, and her dry foods too.  She is to go back late this week and be weighed (for once I am looking forward to it) and to have another blood test to see how the idiopathic hyper calcimia has been beaten back (blood calcium). That is her nemesis.  The hyperthyroidism is well controlled.

So, that is our news. For once I am not cautiously optimistic.  I am fully and happily so.