A great good morning to you. Thanks for coming by and seeing me.  I have to get clothes on and get ready for Comcast who will be here between 8 am and 11 am.  I’m skating close to the edge here as it is 7am and I am going through my accounts i.e. blogs (hers and mine) and emails on all 4 accounts, plus Twitter and Flickr for pete sakes.

Yesterday I took the motor out of the squirrel spinner” (my words) of my Droll Yankee bird feeder and washed it up and disinfected it. The birds are thanking me.  Took awhile to get it good and dry though.  That feeder is awesomely expensive but worth it.  I also got down and gave the bathroom floor a thorough scrubbing with a brush.  Hairspray makes a mess in one place.  Lookin’ good now.  Changed the shower curtain liner..one thing often dominoes into another and another. Cleaned the sink and tub and surround. Stopped while I could.  🙂

Hope it’s a good day for you.