I have to get ready for the day.  I did my treadmilling and weights.  I need to change clothes and head out with the camera. I have things other than that to do as well.

I’m waiting on the Boss to come out from her morning nap under the bed and have her treats’s, aka her daily pill. Hopefully by the time I get out of the door and gone, and before I come back, she will have.

Her wee bones are much better dressed these days.  I run my hands over her fur in petting and the scary feeling of all of her bones protruding doesn’t happen now.  They are covered with some flesh instead of just long fur.  May she continue on this road of recovery.

It’s only 0940, I have a lot of time to get out of here but the light will be bad for pictures any later than this.  I may have to wait till late this afternoon. Direct sun is so not good for picture taking.

Did I put a photo of my boys’ hail damaged car?  Here it is..can’t really be enlarged as I took it from a small offering in another place.  The adjusters will finaly be looking at it this Sunday afternoon.  The pock marks are completely all over the car..nothing was spared.  These were golf ball sized by and large.