If I could find a log-in place on this WordPress blog I would be ahead of the game.  Thank goodness I saved it as a bookmark… the log-in place.  Why in the WORLD does WP do this…  make it a ridiculous  hide and seek to log in??? You would think when you bring your page up up..there would be a simple space to…log in!

I have the world’s longest most convoluted password so it’s a pain anyway. But WP doesn’t need to make it so hard.  Provide a place easily seen to log in for pity sakes!  If it indeed isn’t there, then I hope someone (not that anyone reads these) will tell me where it is.

Anyway, Pen, thank you SO much for coming by.  This is more or less a storage place but for a while, I was in there trying  to blog regularly but you and Beth were about my only visitors.  🙂  I appreciated that.  I hope each passing week finds the burden a little less, Pen.  I know personally how hard it is to go through your days with constant reminders and memories of your loved fur baby.  It eases with time and  then, there will be smiles with the memories and no more tears. Lots of warm hugs and love to you.  And Beth, my Twin, you too.  xoxox to both of you.