I called my son and he’s expecting me Friday afternoon there at his place yonder over the mountains.  I have already got the little bag almost ready.  Couple of T-shirts against sweating rivers while out when I’m there, a nice top and a nice pair of pants..that’s it.

I called the pet sitter.  This will cost cost cost but she is reliable and honest as well as bonded and insured.  Herself is worth it.  She, Herself will be sad at being alone but I am sad at always being here.  Once in a while I have to come first.

Pen, know what you mean.  When Robin passed, I could and immediately did,take all the covers against furs and claws off the furniture..remove all of the bowls plates and dishes that cluttered..the toys and all of that.  It hurt like being burned in  boiling oil but I had to do it so as not to see the sad reminders and it helped after a little while.   You have to immerse yourself in grief.  If you don’t..it is there in the background always waiting to grab your throat and throw you to the ground weeping.

♡As I said, after a while, you start to smile at the memories rather than cry.  ♡

So wish me luck..hopefully no raging rainstorms either here, there or in the mountains.  Gas prices coming and going are gonna knock my socks off. But what better to spend money on than a visit with a son?