Thought I would come by for a moment at 7 in the morning.  I have had my morning snuggles by the Boss of the house.  (she really is you know..and she doesn’t even know it).

I have had two pieces of toast with honey and I’m working still on a cup of coffee.  Justw anted to say good morning.

It is continuing to be in the mid 90’s every day.  As I mentioned in my BlogSpot blog, in the month of May we broke records  for cold (high of 56) and heat in the month of May.  We have already broken and tied a record for heat in June.  A veritable weather roller coaster.

I may see if the pet sitter is available this weekend and just leave here  for a quick trip over the mountains, for pete sake.  I have not been able to leave  since last October!  She got very sick last Christmas-there were constant trips to the Vet- and now, she is eating thanks to the steroid pill she takes each day so it is likely OK to leave her. Good grief.

Just checking in.