I am so looking forward to leaving.  I know the Boss will miss me but as I said..I need to have a chance at some away time.

Looking forward to checking in to see how everyone is doing as I usually do when I’m gone over the mountains.  He has a router now so that means no more tussles over who will use the sole computer.  :-)))

You guys behave..I’ll be looking over my shoulder..especially at you Twin and you, Sis.

If my fireman friend from up north of me sees this…my new FB friend..be good.  See you soon. xoxo to all of you.  This is Admiral aka Miss Catt’s boyfriend Nik.  They have a long distance relationship and his mom is exteremely fgood at creating these photos of them.  He’s 14 and she’s 13.  True Love.  ♥♥