It’s a given that you never aren’t always (or even usually) in control and again, you never know.

I was noting to my oldest who was here over night that as I ran around crisscrossing my own invisible tracks in and out of the house..handling everything with ease and getting a lot of things done that as per usual…you never fully appreciate what you have until you don’t have it any more.  My accident with the horrible blow to my leg and the resulting infection that set up..the pain, swelling and yes, fear regarding that infection..the broken right wrist..all of it put me to only sitting barely able to move at all for weeks though I wouldn’t say it here in the blog how bad it really was. (some blogger family knew because they called me up and had to hear all the torrid details) Thank goodness (literally) that family gathered around me to assist while I was helpless.

Why say all of this old news? Just that you never appreciate what you have till it is taken from you.  For 6 weeks I was as helpless as any infant almost only that I could make a stab at bathing..sort of..and I could talk.  That’s about it.

So today, as I whizzed around getting everything that needed doing, done, I was as I have always been..deeply thoroughly appreciative of the gift of a normal life..and in this case- again.

As I was coming out of a store this afternoon, a woman was driving too fast through the pick up lane in front of the store and almost hit me.  She and I locked eyes in her rear view mirror.  There was no use in accosting her, though just a few years ago I would have done so and she’d take a while to get over it.  But I have put those days behind me I think as it accomplishes nothing and diminishes me.  I hope I am made of better stuff.

But, you never know.  From one second in time to the next you don’t know what will happen, why, to whom and how.  Food for thought.