I have Miss Catt back..aka the Admiral.  Thank heavens.  It cost a lot of green papers but seeing her feel this well right now is worth it. She is an older distinguished Lady now..she’ll be 14 in October. We are trying to keep the effects of her condition at bay.

Today, Fall is definitely in the air.  It was warmish in the house when I went to bed last night and definitely chilly seeming when I got up.  I went in with shorty pj’s and I had to find something to warm me as soon as I came out from under the sheet.  I think it is in the 50’s outside and probably 67 or so inside.  I haven’t checked, I’m just depending on experience.  But Summer is well and truly gone. Seems as though we barely had a Summer season as it stayed quite cold for a long time in Spring when traditionally, it would have rapidly warmed.

Tomorrow is my birthday and my Twin’s as well.  We were both born on September 25th. 🙂  She in Illinois and me in Virginia.  So we were born different times and places but on the same day.  That’s so cool!  I haven’t met anyone else who shares my birthday.

Time to roust the cat out of bed so I can make it.  (no way..she stays as long as she wants) and get my face on.   Toodles.  I took this at Emma Spray Memorial Gardens here in town.