Soon after I wrote the blog yesterday,

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I was taken out and straight to a surprise birthday party..whereupon I saw my boy and grandson who live in Charlotte there as well.  They drove all the way here to help surprise me and surprise me it did!  I was speechless!  I have never had a surprise party before believe it or not and it was fabulous.  Best birthday I have had. Really.

I ate so much yesterday that today’s supper on my actual birthday (it was easier for everyone to gather the day before my birthday) I had 4, count ’em four ears of corn and some baked beans.  YUMMY!  Corn had salt butter and pepper on it and I gnawed off every kernel.  been wanting corn on the cob for a time now.

My boy brought some premium cupcakes from a cupcakery in Ballentyne, in Charlotte for the cake eatin’.  OH they were absolutely insanely delicius and the icing was inches high!  INCHES!!!  And the chocolate so intense tasting one was truly enough!  They charge a kazillin dollars for those things each.  Good grief.

Miss Catt aka the Admiral said she is still doing very well..eating, taking her pill, purring and hasn’t stopped bathing since she got home.  She never felt well enough to bathe so I helped her a lot.  Now..for now..she feels great.  The loves she gives us..the bathing, eating and even how she naps says how much better she presently feels.

We love that little tiny girl..all 6 pounds of her frail self.

xoxox  Thank you for your birthday wishes, my friends. xxxooo