Holy Moley I can’t believe it’s been since my birthday that I was here.  My password is a hundred miles long and complicated AND I can never find the place to log in when I bring WP up.  WHY do they HIDE it the way they do.  I got here because I bookmarked the log in page.  You shouldn’t have to do that.

I have been busier than hen’s teeth these past several weeks.  One, I am working out three times a week and enjoying every moment of it.  Two, I have so much else to do with photography and such, never mind her blog, her Twitter, MY blog(s) and my Twitter and this too…whew.

Went thru two closets..my large one in my room and the spare bedroom closet too.  Have summer things finally put away, winter stuff out AND a lot went to charity and quite a few faded old tee shirts bit the dust.  I also tried on a lot of clothes so as to know whether to give it away to GoodWill or not. Have all of the rags I need so they went to the trash.

My little four-footed girly says with the “tune up” she had last Monday she is going along well especially since she has been taking her pill daily.  When that stops we get into trouble.  She has hypercalcimia which is ultimately fatal.  We are trying to keep her comfortable as long as possible.  I love that girl very much and she loves me too.  Her demonstrations of love are awesome.  Last night, she laid her head on my pillow facing my face which was also sideways, and her footie was on the corner of my mouth and her purring beautiful face inches from my face.  Her whiskers tickled but who cared? Precious girl.  Those who say cats aren’t affectionate never had one and never loved one.  They DO love you back, a lot.