I am still going through closets. I went through another one this morning discarding some and trying on all I took out. My goodness. The number of clothes hangers that I got to throw away is amazing. It’s about time I weeded those closets out. I have more to go. Just didn’t have the heart to do it all in 2 days.

The feline boss around here started sounding off at 4 am. Not fun for me. I dozed off and on till 7. I am a walking zombie with the lack of sleep I usually get. Vet says it’s not pain. She just old and has two things wrong which make her grouchy.

A friend called and I’ll have lunch with her in a while. Wish you could go too. We always have fun.

Pen, Margaret, Great Granny, Linda, Sis, Beth, Angel, it was wonderful hearing from you and I thank you. ❤