Good morning to those who are able to drop by.

It is a beautiful day but a sad one too.  My little one is not well.  She hasn’t been for several years but that accelerated in December of last year with the diagnosis of hypercalcimia and when I thought I would lose her.  It’s been touch and go since then and heavy-duty trying to make things easier for her since.  Don’t have anything further to say about that just now.

Just stopping by to keep this blog up and likely in the near future I will do more with it than I am now.  I am posting a picture of my Garden Orb spider I took a month or so ago.  She was in a popular flower garden I love to go to so as to take photographs.  She was an added bonus.

Don’t feel you have to respond to the part about my girl there in the first paragraph.  I just wanted to inform you.