I was gloomy when I wrote the last post but for good reason.  We both have a reprieve for now once again.  My mighty huntress dedded a MOUSIE ast night.  I praised her and left it there for her to show off an additional half hour or so  I praised her some more and then, I asked if I could put it in the freezer for supper one night this week.  She agreed and it sorta went into a plastic bag and accidentally dropped into the kitchen trash which then, accidentally went out side.

She and I will deal with her illness on a day by day basis.  Right now, except for that racket at night, she is again doing alright.  AND showed off her hunting skills.  I had noticed she was on patrol for a good week.

Thank you from the heart for caring.  It means the world to me and to her too as she is affected by prayer and good thoughts toward her.  You may have helped pull her out of that chasm she was in.  xox

Here she is with her catch.  Biggafy for best effect.  Shadows are because of the strong light from the kitchen and I didn’t want to use flash.