Well, we are here again, me’n’her and time is passing.  We are closer to Christmas and that is when we discovered her illness last year, a few days before Christmas.  We thought we would lose this fur girl but she has struggled to make it all the way to this next Christmas.

It got up to 72 degrees F., a record breaker for the area yesterday.  Today rain started and tonight a cold front will have made its way over and there will be a possibility of snow showers.  Heavier snow will fall in the Smoky Mountains near by.

Tomorrow is the day all of my colleagues both working and not, get together. I hope to goodness it isn’t pouring rain at that time.  Hard to make a good entrance when its blowing rain out there.  🙂  I like to make a good impression. I’ll always and ever be a diva.  :-)))

I am LOVING my three times a week workout.  I can see a big difference already after just 5 or so weeks.  My musculature is come back in my legs and derriere, and forming again in my lame arm…the right one where I broke my wrist so badly last June 14th.  Being in a cast so long made the muscles in that arm, top to bottom atrophy and so I have had to re-build.  I am making good progress there as well. Almost ready to arm wrestle.

Hope you are all well.  I have been terrible about keeping this one up.