Well, I worked out again today and I’ll have to go again in the morning to get my three times in for the week.  I still enjoy it.  I don’t necessarily do on my way there or even while I do it sometimes but I am always gratified when I see and feel the results.  My entire fitness program I had made for myself collapsed when I broke my right wrist June 14th and grievously injured both legs to the point of hardly being able to walk.

I lost the muscle tone I have spent a long time acquiring and the arm that was in a cats for 7 weeks above my elbow! was in horrible shape when the cast finally came off.  You never know how wasted a limb can look under a cast until it comes off.  What an eye opener.

Nasty looking with peeling skin for weeks due to not being able to scrub and/or shough off dead skin cells which occurs naturally in a day and in the shower. So a lot of that to get off; YUK to the extreme, and my arm looked half the volume of my left one it was so squeezed in by the cast for so long.  Took 8 weeks of rehab to get back most of my range of motion.  Now I do that on my own and working out has helped.

I had and still do, like, Superman left arm biceps and other arm musculature due to the fact that my left arm had to do all the work of dressing me and any other thing that neeed to be done.  My right arm from top to wrist was like a stick of soft butter when that cast came off.  I am SO grateful that normal use of it and the working out is making a difference.  Several more months will find me with strong arms again.  Goodness, I was so proud once of my triceps.  No worry about waggling under arms for me.  Spending a couple months in a cast..you see how transient your efforts can be.  YOu must oftentimes start again.  So…I have.

All done with this yucky journey into my recent past.  Oh, and I made two dear new friends through this.  On-line bloggers who called me and made sweet get-well things.  YOu find out who your friends are…and are not for that matter when you are un-well.