I don’t think I spelled that right.  BUT anyway, today is the tiny four legged purrson who rules the household’s birthday.  Fourteen years old and every bit the autocrat and tyranny expert.  However, much loved and much appreciated and I’m her hero.  Can’t beat that with a stick.

Got the half-gallon of milk up from that awful accidental bursting of the milk carton when it crashed within a furs breadth of my cat a few days ago.  That was horrible.  If it had hit her, it would have killed her.  She is so tiny and the milk probably weighed close to her weight.  But it did not strike her because I am blessed and I know it and give thanks for it every day.

Meanwhile I spent some time  today getting that floor clean and polished up (wood) so that no traces of that horrible mess of milk film is still there.  She is holding down her red velvet bed and when she’s not doing that, she’s in here in my computer chair.

Just checking in.  See you over at your house.  xoxox