Amazing how time passes so rapidly.  I used to think it was because I was a 12 hr. shift rotation person for all of my career.  If you are going back and forth between midnight and day shifts for years and years..time gets surreal seeming.  However, it has continued to race and we see the truth in the Bible statement that I am paraphrasing here about man’s time on earth being flowers in the field soon to whither and die. Here it is close to February.  Turn around twice and it will be the 4th of July.  Blink, and it’s Christmas again.

I am waiting on some undamaged pieces to arrive tomorrow to take the place of fully half of the wall unit I purchased that are damaged..with tax and etc a few dollars (really few) shy of a thousand in purchase price I would not have expected defective merchandise.  If they do NOT make it right, I will reveal who they are.  

Here it is January and we had thunder and lightening, 45 degrees temperature and drenching walls of rain AND hail.  Yes, hail.  Good grief.  Wind too..mustn’t forget the scary gusts of wind.

After the furniture (if it happens) comes and is OK and we bolt it to the wall, I will go look seriously for a new furbaby.  No one can take the place of my Tortie  girl but I can find someone else to love. 

I hope you’ll remember I’m here.  xoxoxo