Yesterday makes three weeks since Kathryn Isabella came to stay here with me.  She is a Tuxie and very feminine and very beautiful.  I love my Admiral aka Miss Catt just as much but it was sad enough that a furry to live here seemed like a good thing to do.  It benefitted both of us.  I have Admiral’s urn and her paw print in on the dresser.  I was (this is true) given her paw print cast in a plaster looking substance the very day I met Katie Isabella.  And the day after Katie came here to live, she was sitting on Admiral’s paw print on the if to say “this home is where I was told to be..that you’d always love me”.

I just saw that she is settled into my recliner, that being her most favorite chair and so I took the opportunity to steam clean the bathroom floor, clean the tub and surround as well as the toilet and sink/vanity.  Ah. I have been to the bookstore and exchanged used ones for store credit.  Took the camera and really hunted for pictures to take.  Deleted all but one. Came home for lunch and to bond even more with Katie and then, the cleaning bug bit me.

I will go work out tomorrow.  I go every other day.  Because I am headed over the Mountains this Friday (home again Sunday late afternoon) I may go every day to work out as I will miss one this week otherwise.

So..what’s going on with you guys?