Can you believe it?  LEFT me after just three weeks of me being here living with her.  She left me.  She did! I was an abandoned kitty (except for the two times a day the sitter came). I ignored her a bit when she came home. That let her know what I thought of the entire thing.

Now admittedly she had a good reason and she left me with Admiral’s sitter.  Gina was very good to me and played with me a lot every time she was here.  Mom didn’t help me at ALL from a distance to do a bloggie.  Something about not having a way to what with being out in the boonies and no wifi signal for her handheld.  Sorry excuse if you ask me.

I caved and when we went to bed, I snugged in close to her back.  (a girl has to keep warm somehow even with a turncoat for a mom!) (what else is a kitty to do??)

Here I am telling her what I think of her when she finally dragged in from over the mountains late yesterday! Image