Good Morning!  Maybe some of you remember from the MSN blogging days when I would mention that one of the boys would be visiting and what I was going to make for them to eat.

One is visiting today in the afternoon.  For supper he will have a New York strip steak.  It wasn’t on sale but I don’t do that every day so I bought it.  I think mashed potatoes with lotsa butter on them as well and maybe corn on the cob.  I may come up with a green vegetable as well.

Katie Isabella the kitty will be supervising everything to be sure.  Breakfast will be the usual, biscuits, jam, eggs and bacon. Coffee of course. Come join us but don’t mind me if my hair isn’t combed when I answer the door.  never mind..the key is under the mat..come on in and grab a chair.  Do you like your coffee with cream or without?

It is a beautiful day so far. We have had the unheard of in three years, FULL week of sunshine.  I hardly know how to act.  However that will change this coming up Tuesday with several days of rain.  Last year we had a BIG surplus of rain for the year.  I have a feeling we will again!

Did I tell you I got a hair cut? I had a foot of hair cut off and it is just past neck length now.  Actually, why didn’t I say it just touches my shoulders.  That’s SHORT to me.  She layered it a lot!  I had hoped to be able to just use some styling wax and not have to mess with it but no..I still have to get out the flat iron.

What’s up with you guys?