Hello and I have missed you.  I have blogged on my Blog Spot human blog and the cats’ blogs too.  Twitter, all 3 accounts..whew! But I am making full circle back to here again.

Absolutely perfect beautiful day.  We have more rain than we need these past three years so when it is pretty, we all appreciate it.

Today was made even nicer as my youngest stopped by after church for a few hours and we had lunch.  Went to Krystals.  YUM.  Nothing like a Krystal.  It’s a Southern thing.

Pretty soon, close to a month from now..matter of fact on Flag Day, June 14th, that will be the first year anniversary of my horrible accident last June 14th (of course) while running.  I hope never ever to go thru that again.  I have learned that if I am going to run..let’s do that in grass..not unforgiving asphalt. My legs still aren’t 100% recovered.  There is residual swelling still but I am the one who sees that.  My ankles were always petite as were my knees.  Now they are a bit thicker and there is some water in the joints. They told me it may take a full year after rehab (October is when I finished) to fully recover.,  My right wrist is pretty much back but hurts each day (that’s alright..sure beats what I had) and I can open cans now..and almost have the range of motion I had prior to the accident.

Hey that wasn’t what I came to say.  I came to say Happy Sunday to you and that I have missed you.  Image

Here is a rose from my garden for you.   I forgot to resize it so CLICK on it to see the full sized rose.   xox