It was one of those deals where I woke just before 4 this morning and in no way could I go back to sleep.  Faintly uncomfortable, just a little but not enough to keep me awake.  I think I had too much coffee yesterday and the caffeine residuals woke me early.  I’m not sleepy really and I have been up close to two hours.  I tried to nap but could not. So I am up for the day.

Katie Isabella is up as well.  She was asleep in her little condo when I got on up.  I fed us both anyway as she did come into the kitchen with me while I made coffee. We Tweeted awhile and logged off to take that nap, which  said effort failed.

Katie has already done her blog for the day.  For some reason, when I post a picture here nowadays it comes in full size.  It didn’t use to and I don’t see controls to stop that from happening.  I may try one more to see if it does the same.  If so, I quit.

Have a fun and comfortablImagee weekend.