Well, I have fallen down on the job but then, rarely does anyone comes here so what does it matter in the end?  🙂

Craig if you happen to come back, thank you for the visit..that was a lovely surprise.  Viva Vegemite! (or the other one).

I had that bad accident a year ago June 14th…Flag Day here in the US.  It is one year past and while I am using my right arm/wrist admirably and working out, sadly it will never be quite as good as it was.  BUT I am truly grateful for what rehabilitation I do have with it.  90% I would venture to say.  My knees and legs however are another story and I had been forced to come to terms with the unalterable fact that they will never ever serve me as well as the time before the accident.  The injury to the bursa in both knees, the horrific black that my legs turned, the terrible skin infection..all that part went away but the injury to the knee joints remain.  I can walk, work out, but getting up and down is a trial now whereas before, catch me if you can.  However, again, considering the magnitude of the injuries, I am VERY grateful for what I have now.  I seem to be complaining but I am not.  I am simply finally coming to terms with the aftermath.  There are others even I don’t mind saying aloud who have it far and away worse than I do.  God is good.

Meanwhile Katie had her first confrontation with another stray cat.  She was inside…he was outside and they were separated by the storm door.  However they screamed and fought one another with the glass keeping them apart.  I know better than to try to interfere so I sprayed my poor girl who was defending her home  with a spray bottle of water to get her to desist.  THEN I was able to close the door but she growled and maintained the high ridge on her back and the tail that looked like a feather duster.  She is calm now but her days of enjoying looking out the door at the birds and squirrels are gone forever.

I never want to go thru that again.