Greetings my friends.  I have gone to Charlotte in NC and returned yesterday.  It was a quick trip…I regret not making it at least a day longer.

There were things to attend to but I did get to visit some of the shops and places of great interest to me personally this time.  But, alas, my money fairly well remained with me.  I didn’t crack open my wallet that much except for a pair of beautiful copper wire birds nest earrings hand crafted with three little pearl eggs within.  I LOVE things like that.    The person who created them is called Jennifer and she can be searched on FB under “Created Beautifully” No quotes when you search, btw.  She seems to have an ETSY shop as well.  I shall have to go there.  I will follow her on Twitter too under my human account.  Not one of my kitty girls accounts who both are Tweeters as well.

Someone, a little beautiful Tuxedo girl, really missed me.  I had a little warm nine pound bundle mashed into me most of the night.  It was a pleasure to have to watch out for her while trying to sleep.  I missed her too. 🙂

Guys, gals, what’s cookin’ with you?  Here is Katie with her brand new pink feminine tunnel she was gifted with by her blogger kitty furriend.Image