Good afternoon.  Another beautiful but warm and humid day but I’m grateful nonetheless for each day. 

Worked out early, came home and did work here.  About to go out again.  Before I go I will research whether or not I am going to upgrade my camera from the lower end DSLR  I presently have— and I will say here it has served me very well, to another that is more recent.  All I need is the camera body.  All my lenses and etc will still work.  That’s the way of Nikon.  That’s a good thing. :-)I like the spam filter here on WP.  They have filtered them all out as far as I know.  And that was quite a few!  Thousands.  I am also impressed with Blog Spot spam filters too.  I rarely get a spam there either but once in a while I do.

To anyone on Twitter with an animal, cat, dog, turtle (yes, even turtles and snails and frogs) tomorrow night is #Nipclub.  Hope to see you there.  My Katie is @Katiebella2 and the Admiral is @AdmiralHestorb.  She, Admiral, still tweets from the Rainbow Bridge and Katie of course is right here with me.

Just checking in, my friends.  XXOOImage