It’s football time in Tennessee.  Our team is in the cellar starting out the year because for three years prior to the coach the team has now, we had a coach a year due to bad circumstances.  That put the team, recruiting, leadership, you name it at a severe disadvantage and the team suffered to the point of, to use baseball terms, it was in the cellar.  As a top SEC team for all these years, that was very hard for our huge fan base to take.

The new coach struggled mightily for these past two years with the just out of HS and into college recruits trying to get them into some sort of shape to take on the titans of the SEC (of which we used to be one!) and having totally inexperienced guys to work with, it just didn’t happen.  Last year was the worst. ALL the way down till we were laughing stocks as an SEC  team. However- last night they pulled out a win in their season opener.

The team was so unimportant to the press/advertisers that we were relegated to a 1930 hrs. game on a FRIDAY night.  NC State I think it was, for the opponent. Until then I had not heard of them.  Our guys won thank goodness.  But I wondered there for awhile as we had a lot of the same problems that we’ve been struggling with for several years.  It will be good to hear the Sat. Sun. Mon. morning quarterbacking.

I am a college football fanatic and I’ll talk about it to anyone who wishes to talk about it and around these parts, that’s everyone.  Our team has one of the most loyal and huge fan bases of any other.  We travel to see our team play in away games more than any other college teams fan base.  GO VOLS! We have Florida to battle next week.  It would be a true coup if we beat them.  They have bested us for awhile now. AND, they’re SEC.  It’s best to beat the SEC teams but at this point we’ll take any win.


I forgot to re-size this picture and it’s too big here but what the heck.  No one is going to see it.  🙂Image