I have been gone far too long but then, terrible things have happened.  

My oldest was notified of a grave condition in November and surgery was scheduled eight days later from that date.  After that day, the entire fmily enfolded him within our collective arms every day both in prayer and in actuality.  

I as his mom was there with him hours per day every day, month in and month out as he navigated the frightening waters of recovery, infections three times that brought him lower than the surgery did..and his recovery from all of that now.

He is here with me and getting very strong again.  he will work from here now as his boss and wife came over to visit (and assess) and offered that to him.  Son is chaffing at the bit to be useful again.  I would say in another three weeks, he will be gone back to his own home again.

Meanwhile, my youngest son is getting married May 25th this year to a beautiful Christian girl that we all of us just fell in love with on first meeting.  We feel priveleged to welcome her into our family.  She doesn’t know but I gave a diamond and sapphire ring (my birthstone is sapphire) to my son so that he could use the diamond for her engagement ring. He had a ring created and it is my pleasure to have been a part of it.

Just checking in.  I never ever meant to be gone so long. XXOOImage

This is my girl Kathryn Isabella. She came to be with me after my Admiral passed away a year ago December.  Love her dearly.