Goodness Gracious…I have a little more time than even last week.  I am still busier than hounds teeth but I have a little down time in between appointments and shoppings and helping and etc.  Nice.  And I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Glad I am alive and well and can be of service to my oldest son.

We have an appointment tomorrow he must keep that is important and then therapy later.  Friday  will be free if you will except therapy. Saturday I get to go to my D.A.R. meeting for the second time after missing four months.  I have been a member…a junior member when I was in my teens and a regular member for a hundred years but only just starting to go to the meetings.  Life got in the way but I think I can make it after all this Saturday.

Thank you so much those of you who visited my last post.  It was a whiny one I know.  BUT I intend to be more upobeat.  I was just very tired.  🙂

Have a great Friday and weekend.  I insist! ❤