I should change the avatar picture.  It is still my darling Tortie girl who flew away to the Rainbow Bridge a year ago.  

Good Sunday morning to you three who come to see me.  🙂  I ALWAYS appreciate that.  If I updated more often and if I were more interesting I might get 4 folks coming to see me.  AND I need to get out and among everyone too.  That is likely the most important factor.  My absence works both directions.

Still raining.  It is always raining.  Well, wait a minute…we get maybe 5 days of sun a month, as many mostly cloudy or fully cloudy and the rest rain (or snow as the case may be).  I don’t like the terrible drought we had until three years ago coincidentally, but this is just too too much.  Even the toadstools have toadstools growing on them.  

So far I have more hyacinths blooming and my more specialty dafffodils.  The azalea bushes are making leaves and the Dogwood will not be far behind.  The Japanses maple has red shoots, future leaves in other words and that is about it for the present except for the Crabapple trees blooming. The Tulip Poplars already have and lost their blossoms as always, within a few weeks.

Hope everyone is well.  My son should be leaving me within a few weeks for his own place.  The youngest one who had his first kidney stone passed the thing iand is finally better.  He will be married May 25th.  ❤

See you over at your places.