I forgot my pw so it took me a while to find which one of a zillion pieces of paper I had jotted it down on.

My friend William posted some really cool stuff on his FB and presumably his blog.  He had pictures of himself as a very young man…away at school and he mentioned some bands and songs from the 70’s that I LURVE still to this day.

Now me, I have so few pictures of me from back then.  I have a watercolor rendering of me when I was 13 and 14 however. IF I can find it I will post it.  I put it on my human blog on BlogSpot..no..wait..it was showing on Katie Isabella’s bloggie some moths ago as my middle boy found them in my big closet and set about hanging them on the long wall in my bedroom. They were showing in a shot I took of my little lady so I said in her bloggie that they were me.  Other kitties often notice things and comment on them so I just did it first.  I just found a couple.  I am no longer 13 so, these would never make a wanted poster.  🙂