Hello friends.  I doubt anyone will see me here I post so irregularly but blogs are many times simply stream of consciousness things I think.  So I will speak on and never mind anyone visiting.

Life has really changed in differing ways for both me and members of my family.  One thing that is happy that I can tell you would be my youngest son getting married in May this year.  What a joy, and what a wonderful perfect daughter-in-law I have.  I am honored she is in the family.  She deserves my son and he deserves her.  They are perfect for one another.  Seldom will I see a better match than these two dear ones.

My middle boy just came back from a 3 and 1/2 week both in New Zealand and in Australia. He went to Melbourne Australia and to Sydney.  In New Zealand, he was hosted by a dear friend and his family.  They all had a holiday together in the South Island.  His friend lives in Auckland but they all of them planned a holiday in the South Island and had a fabulous time. It was really snowy there.  The mountains including Mt. Cook were superb!

For me and another family member— we remember that  whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.  God is Good and hears prayers and answers them.  Not always the way we in our human way decide they need or should  be answered usually but answered they are, nonetheless.

Otherwise, a non rainy day for which I am grateful and I shall be off to get my hair done tomorrow! I had a foot of it cut off and I do not wish it to every grow that long (mid back) again.

Here is a photo I took in summer a year ago.

Peace and goodness be with you.