Hello, Hi and Greetings. LONG time again between posts. I may move my bloodspot human post here on WP if I can get someone to do it. I will pay of course.

Last late Fall and Winter into Spring was terrible. Little did I know that THIS Fall is not going to be any better. It’s not me but a family member is gravely ill. Starting Tuesday the 19th will be a very tying time for us all. Especially me, as I will be the one to try to coordinate things, keep things going, go back and forth and back and forth to the big city to the hospital each day. Care for this loved family member when he comes here for aftercare for a while. I did it before and I can do it again, The Lord willing.

Meanwhile, I am keeping a grip, my eyes looking unerringly ahead and my heart trusting and waiting.

So…prayers would be gratefully appreciated. XXOO

I can feel  it coming in the air tonight...♫