My goodness…where has the year gone?  I said in January that I would turn around twice and it would be July.  Blink three times and it would be Christmas and so it seems to have happened.

This has been an intensely busy year due to illness in the family (not me). Last year was the same…and it was the same family member.  I think he is due for a break!  But it is truly and sincerely an honor and a privilege to serve him as he recuperates and to help in all the ways he needs help.

This year we are going to have Christmas dinner cooked by me.  Last year there was no question of cooking as I had no time to even call my own.  I am looking forward to it, the dinner, and I have some of the things needed for it gathered already.  I also have Christmas presents bought, wrapped and ready.  I have a new daughter-in-law as of last May 25th so that is a joy that in itself, is a every day to follow, present!  She is a joy.

Just keeping my hand in and saying hello and wishing you the very happiest of times with either family or friends or both.

Remember the reason for this season.  Hint:  It isn’t Santa Claus.  🙂