I am looking forward to being loud and raucous (same thing really) with my colleagues today.

I have my best face on (that means a smile) and looking forward with both eyes to this several hours of shouting and laughing and the close companionship that only a group that has very specialized things  type of job only, can have.  We aren’t in “ordinary” jobs.  So we stick close— and even if we couldn’t stand one another on occasion..all that passes by when we all get into a loud group!

So it’s off to the Red Neck Room  (just a term…we are all Southern and a dear blogger friend said once “I’ll go get the Red Neck Room ready” once when I said we were all meeting to shout, laugh and run other people out of the restaurant! and I absolutely loved the term.  I miss him.  J in Georgia, come back sometime soon and visit.  I go in a very short time ready to step into all the above mentioned.  Can’t wait!

Also, I can hardly wait till early spring when maybe I can do as I always used to do and head on out to find some pretty scenes to take pictures of.  Been far to busy and occupied to for awhile now.  Looking forward to crawling through the bushes, getting tick bit, ant crawled on, and stickers imbedded in my hide.  Sweating mightily and hotter than a Saturday night special with the heat and humidity to come!  🙂